The most often asked questions I hear are, "Where do you get your ideas?" and "Why do you want to create clothing that no one can wear?" My answer may be too simple: my ideas are intuitive and I'm not aware of how I think things through.

I like to strike out on new turf with a certain confidence and a sense of mystery to the many possibilities in front of me. A carefree process attracts a certain number of wrong turns and dead ends. Working hard with nothing to show for it is part of the process. Studio time without tangible results can pay off later and contribute to the entire process of art making. I have never been sure of where I was heading but I have eventually understood where I have been.

In presenting work for an Internet audience I have collaborated with another creative mind that is not intuitive but thoughtful and result oriented--the web designer. This partnership has allowed me to step back and view this series of garments as an evolving body of that is still growing and changing. This Internet presentation is the final step in the process--letting go. ~ Marilyn Annin

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